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Balboa Live is your broadcasting platform for training and wellbeing at home and on the road. It offers you access to new online workouts every day and a full workout library from our 25 coaches in 6 disciplines: HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance and Movement.

Choose between a Monthly Subscription for CHF15 or a Week Pass for CHF8.

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Live Workouts

Every day you will find 2 new workouts online. You don’t need any equipment. Our 25 coaches are experts in 6 disciplines: HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance and Movement. Additionally you can enjoy a growing catalogue of previous workouts at the time and place you choose. We keep you fit and healthy whatever the circumstances are.

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Do you want to learn about movement and what your body is capable to do? Is it time to finally learn that skill? Our tutorials opens a world of tricks and guidance to practice for yourself.

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How are experts and athletes adapting to circumstances? How are they keeping their motivation when the inner booster (e.g. championship or competition) ends in smoke? Our ‘Talks’ section gives space not only to experts, but also to our community. You can listen, but you can also talk.

Balboa Live Manifesto

It’s time to accept – not to resist. Nature’s power is stronger, don’t fight against it. We are forced not to do, not to act, not to interact.

But is that true? Can we act only when we have a choice? What is defining our choice? Who is limiting us?
We are nature. We are strong. We are moving. We have a choice. We can act. We can interact. We only need to accept the circumstances.

Balboa Live is Balboa. Balboa Live was born under the circumstances of a global lockdown. A virus helped to bring out what already was there: a movement, the joy of moving, the joy of coaching, of sharing, of empowering…
Now we can break out from the limits of our own walls, into the homes, into new territories, into the world and reach new people.

The way a virus can spread easily with the mobility of people, Balboa Live can spread easily with the mobility of information.

Balboa Live is Balboa. The essentials remain the same: honest, true, diverse, inclusive, unconventional, multi-disciplinary, uniting, creative and caring.

Balboa Live is our acknowledgement, our adapting to the circumstances we can’t change. We say yes to unfamiliar conditions, regardless of how the experience unfolds. These experiences bring us closer to our own roots – and make a difference in our life.


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