Dear Balboas,

We are happy to announce that Balboa will reopen its doors for training on May 18, although with some restrictions.

Reinventing existing concepts is what Balboa likes to do. COVID-19 has presented an additional challenge for
group training while social distancing, because there are no one fit all existing concepts ready to be implemented.

We accepted this challenge and started rethinking our onsite procedures and our product designs, focusing on:

  1. Understanding the character of this pandemic and therefore the logic of the mandatory safety regulations.
  2. Creating a group training format that most appropriately satisfies the safety requirements and the needs of our clients.

The result is a 3-fold offer to our members:


As a Balboa member you can choose between:

  1. Participating in our regular classes (indoors and outdoors) with your existing membership or pass. The classes are shorter (45 Minutes) and smaller (maximum 5+5 persons) and have the same costs. Each class has two groups of 5 you can sign up for. One group with access to the showers/wardrobes, and one group without.
  2. In addition to our regular training schedule, we are launching Balboa Programs”, starting on May 25th. These are specially constructed, structurally building training programs for a set group of 4 people who will train together for the period of one month. The program consists of three training sessions a week, same time, same place, same coach.
  3. You can also keep training at home with Balboa Live, which will be broadcasting from our new studio as of May 18th. We will continue to put out two brand new online-classes per day, and you can choose from over 180 recorded workouts in our library, in a variety of disciplines.



If you have an active membership at Balboa (1-month, 3-months, 12-months) or an active pass (5-/10-/20- or 50-class pass), it will be extended on May 18th 2020 for another 2 months. No surcharges apply for bookings of regular classes with your membership or pass. Bookings can take place as per now over your Mindbody App or our weekly schedule.

In the case of your contract having expired during the ‘lockdown’, please inform us by writing an email to renzo@balboamove.ch, so we can reactivate it for you and apply the 2-month extension.



The following are the most important safety principles at Balboa during the coming weeks:

  • We will be training in set groups of 4 or 5, while preventing contact and/or mixing of groups.
  • In order to keep a safety distance of 2 meters, each athlete will be allocated an individual training zone.
  • Two groups (A and B) will train simultaneously under instruction of the same coach.
  • Group A has permission to use changing rooms and showers;
  • Group B will each be given a box in which to place personal items and valuables during class.
  • All participants must assemble at least 5 minutes before the start of a lesson in the respective waiting zones (A/B).
  • Classes will run for a period of 45 minutes, during which there will be a five-minute break for the rooms to be emptied and aired. (Outdoor classes remain at 60 minutes).
  • Due to the limited capacities of our changing and showering spaces, only members of group A are permitted access.
  • Changing rooms including showers have a maximum capacity for 3+3 people Am Schanzengraben and 2+2 Im Viadukt. This will be signed at the respective entrances.
  • If said facilities are full upon your arrival, you may wait for a free spot in the marked waiting zone.
  • To avoid the flow of people during a training session, participants will prepare the equipment they will need at the start of the class under instruction of the coach.
  • At the end of class, participants will clean all equipment they’ve used with the provided cleaning materials.
  • For outdoor classes groups will be visually distinguishable from each other. The same rule applies here, that groups are to stay amongst themselves and not mix with other groups.
  • Classes will start and finish punctually. Showing up late as well as leaving early can’t be tolerated.
  • During the lunch period at our location Am Schanzengraben, there will be a separate entrance for all fitness participants.

If you want to see our full safety concept, you can download it here (only in German).




Next to the general behaviour rules, the following ones applies when training at Balboa:

  • On your first visit, please bring with you the signed COVID-access-form (in German here).
  • Be punctual and be aware of the exact time your class is scheduled to start. You must be ready at least 5 minutes prior to class and assemble in your allocated waiting zone. Please keep in mind that checking in and waiting for changing room slots will take up more time as usual under these circumstances.
  • If you cannot/do not want to attend a booked class, cancel at least 12 hours before the class begins.
  • If possible, change at home/at work and enter the location ready for training.
  • Follow the instructions of the Balboa staff.
  • Consciously move and behave within the premises and keep 2m distance to other people.
  • Disinfect your hands when entering and exiting, as well as before and after the use of training materials.
  • Bring my own towel (no towel service).
  • Leave my valuables, street shoes and jacket in the designated area.
  • Stay within my group of 5 and also keep 2m distance to the other members.
  • Avoid using the cloakrooms and showers.
  • Disinfect your training material after use.
  • Leave the location immediately after the training.
  • If you experience symptoms, notify Balboa and stay away from training.


We are well prepared, very motivated and so much looking forward to see you again.

Renzo Balboa & the team