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Programming and monitoring performance in strength and fitness is paramount in achieving adaptation for overall results. For this reason we have created “Balboa Programs“. These are structured progressive courses, in which you train in a fixed group of 4 people  over a period of 4 weeks, 3 times a week, always at the same time with the same coach. The following 4 programs are available to you.

Booty & Abs Program

by Andrea

The focus of this program is to enable better technique as well as a mind muscle connection with glute and core emphasis. Using monitoring and performance techniques, Andrea will help you achieve your goals as well as look and feel better.

Beach Ready Program

by Léonie

Leonie offers a full body hypertrophy program aimed at getting you in shape for summer. The unique aspect of these training sessions gives you specific exercises and progressions that are highly effective and not always possible in regular trainings.

Kettlebell Progression Program

by Tom

This course is designed to help you progress your skill and understanding of specific kettlebell exercises while improving your overall strength and fitness.

Strength Program

by Malick (fully booked)

Get back on track with Coach Malick, gain more insights into specific exercises to better your strength and performance while improving and tracking progress.


Balboa Programs will start in the week of the Monday, May 25, 2020. You can sign up for one of the following programs and a corresponding slot either as a group of 4 people or as an individual person.

Program Times (e)


The participation in one of the programs costs 480CHF for 12 trainings (3 trainings per week over a period of 4 weeks). If you sign up with a complete group of four people, the program costs 1600CHF for the whole group (you are saving 80CHF/person). Max. 2 fix groups of 4 people train with 1 coach in the same program.



  • You shouldn`t suffer from any acute injuries that prevent you from moving without pain.
  • You should have had first experiences in strength training, ideally you should have worked with a barbell already.
  • You should be open and ready to invest some time to track your training and some additional data around your overall well being and daily habits.


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