Individual and goal-oriented training that challenges you and brings you to the next level

Whether you want to get back to training after an injury, to prepare for a competition, to lose or gain weight, or simply to move through life better and healthier. We have various specialists to help you achieve your goal in a healthy and safe manner, while keeping the fun in training in the long-run.

Personal trainings are also great in combination with our group workouts. As good as a one-on-one support and training is, now and then it takes the motivation and the boost of the group to bring diversity into your routine.

Oliver Williams

Personal Trainer

Oliver’s education and training is geared towards improving your mobility, quality of motion, as well as your strength and body awareness. With the help of various influences ranging from athletics and strength training to bodybuilding, powerlifting and yoga, he will work with you specifically on your weaknesses and in alignment with your personal goals.


  • The Human-Corset Method teached by Ido Portal
  • Certified Functional Movement Systems-Coach
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor
  • Certified Crossfit Trainer


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