The use of the RENZO BALBOA AG training facilities and training equipment, as well as any individual courses and event participation, is entirely at the member’s own risk. Users of the facilities are responsible for their own property and safety. RENZO BALBOA AG is not liable for any loss, injury, illness or death of any person using the facilities.

Members are obliged to follow all instructions given by the RENZO BALBOA AG staff. Failure to comply may result in loss of gym privileges and any breach of the RENZO BALBOA AG terms and conditions will result in a warning. A further breach may lead to membership suspension or termination with immediate effect. A proven serious breach of the terms and conditions may result in immediate membership termination without warning.

Members are liable for any damage of the training facilities or equipment. All equipment on loan must always be returned to RENZO BALBOA AG and any damage or loss of equipment must be replaced or repaired in full cost.



For all classes that make use of weights, the minimum age is 18 years. Exceptions include the Fitdankbaby and MumFit classes.

In exceptional cases, guests under the age of 18 years may attend the classes, should they meet the physical requirements and are able to provide a parental consent.



A valid subscription, or the purchase of a single workout, entitles members to visit and use the available training facilities, training equipment and services during the regular studio opening hours of RENZO BALBOA AG. RENZO BALBOA AG, including the individual studios, expressly reserve the right change the opening times at any point in time.

RENZO BALBOA AG memberships are personal to each member and are not extended automatically. Each membership is non-transferable; however, RENZO BALBOA AG reserves the right to issue memberships that may be used by a predefined number of persons.

No refunds or discounts are applicable, should members not make use of the RENZO BALBOA AG membership.

Should a RENZO BALBOA AG studio not be operational for more than one week, the duration of the membership will be prolonged for the specific time, with a maximum of two months.

Furthermore, the following reasons, not foreseeable to the member at the time of membership purchase, allow the member to pause the membership during the time duration of the below stated reasons, should the duration last more than 10 consecutive days:

  • Authorized medical documentation of illness, accidents or pregnancy
  • Authorized civil or military service order
  • Written proof of education or training courses in foreign countries
  • Employer’s written confirmation in the case of permanent or temporary employment abroad

For 3 or 12 months’ subscriptions, memberships with more than 10 days remaining can be paused for vacation periods with more than 10 consecutive days.

RENZO BALBOA AG offers no refunds on paid memberships.



All members must pre-book all classes to ensure their participation. This is possible via the Balboa website (www.balboamove.ch) or via the Mindbody mobile app.

Should a class already be fully booked, members can join the waiting list and will be notified per email, when a vacant space is available.

The following rules apply to the registration of the Balboa classes:

  • Each member may register for up to seven classes per week and up to two classes per day.
  • All class registration cancelations are required minimum four hours before the class starting time (“early cancel”).
  • All waiting list registration cancelations are required minimum four hours before the class starting time.
  • Should members not show up to a registered class (“no-show”) or cancelations are performed less than four hours before the class starting time, the registered class will be deducted from the membership subscription. The same applies to members moved from the waiting list on short notice.
  • After three “no-shows” and/or not canceling the class registration in a timely manner within a time period of one month, the member may be blocked from class registrations for up to one week.



By signing up for a RENZO BALBOA AG membership, members confirm that their physical health condition allows them to be physically active and that they have no known health concerns, physical limitations or acute injuries.

Renzo Balboa AG is not liable for any health concerns, including those unknown to the member, in the event of an accident or injury.



The “www.balboamove.ch” website provider is not liable for the accuracy of the website information and for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of website information, offers or links to other websites.

In addition, RENZO BALBOA AG is not responsible for the functionality or information of the Mindbody App or website: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com.

The www.balboamove.ch website provider does not endorse and is not responsible for any content from other linked websites. Furthermore, RENZO BALBOA AG cannot promise that all websites, apps or other material available from the www.balboamove.ch website does not contain any viruses or other harmful components, and does not take responsibility for any possible damages.

In case of any legal disagreements in connection with the RENZO BALBOA AG terms and conditions, the local jurisdiction of the RENZO BALBOA AG headquarter applies.



All members can rely on RENZO BALBOA AG to:

  • use strong customer understanding to deliver clear and transparent sales and marketing
  • ensure that no marketing, advertising and sales information is misleading
  • use a clear communication of terms and conditions and technical instructions, as well as guarantee that no pricing or special offers are misleading
  • ensure that the general liability insurance contains the adequate coverage
  • follow the applicable laws, regulations and official guidelines


In case of any misunderstanding from the English translation of the RENZO BALBOA AG terms and conditions, the German master version applies.