Body Boost

Get in and get going, that’s BodyBoost. With a combination of strength, cardio, stability and mobility, you’ll not only tone your body, but also give it an athletic shape. The acquisition of new skills and the dynamic, intense nature of this workout will help you find your inner balance.


Booty, nomen est omen. This high-quality strength workout addresses mainly your legs and your glutes and is adjusted to your own level. On top of training your muscles, you fill your entire body with effective power – working on your twerking.

Booty Work

Booty, nomen est omen. This high quality strength workout focuses on your legs and glutes and is tailored to your level. As well as toning your muscles, you will fill your whole body with effective power.


Functional high intensity training set to motivating music beats. The strength exercises challenge your coordination in a way you have never done before, training your body and mind. Discover your body’s capabilities and improve strength and core tone. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Buddy Weight

BuddyWeight pushes both you and your buddy to the limit, without the use of conventional gym equipment. The combination of muscle activation and interval training boosts your metabolism to strengthen your body and your own wellbeing as you push your own limits.


CircleX is a total body workout that perfectly combines endurance and strength. The formula for success is simple: 6 different stations combined with the “X” factor for surprise and fun. The workout is suitable for all levels.

Deep Pilates

Deep Pilates is a total body Pilates designed to help you trust, manage and know your body in a conscious way. Deep Pilates combines exercises from gymnastics, Pilates and yoga. The focus is on improving flexibility, joint stability, total body tone and coordination.


Hailing from Cape Town SA, strength coach Luke brings his own personal style to Balboa training. By combining essential movement patterns such as pull, push, squat, lunge, hinge and rotation, we aim to build multiple athletic qualities such as agility, strength and endurance. It’s going to be action packed. Dynamic from Balboa, dynamic for life!

Fire & Ice

This workout will take you to two different worlds. In the first part, our experienced strength and stretching trainer Irina will work with you on classic strength exercises for the upper and lower body. The second part will literally get your heart pumping and your muscles burning.

Five Rounds

Based on the principles of martial arts, this workout requires you to complete 5 intense rounds. In this tough but fun class we will train your strength and conditioning like a fighter, working on agility and flexibility while building power, explosiveness, agility and endurance. For all levels.

FlowMe Yoga

After a short meditation and breathing exercises, you’ll float through a dynamic flow of asanas called Vinyasa Flow, which combines relaxation, strength and flexibility for your body and mind. Finished off with a final relaxation phase, you will leave the mat feeling relaxed, empowered and fulfilled.

Hatha Yoga

The focus of this class is on the healthy alignment of the body. Each pose is held for an extended period of time, allowing the body to experience the full benefits of the pose, or asana. By releasing unnecessary tension, you will feel lighter and more at ease. By incorporating physically challenging balancing positions, you become more focused and aware of your presence.


HeartCore is a high intensity total body workout with power intervals. It focuses on core strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning and conscious relaxation. A hardcore workout for your heart, core and mind.

Interval Training

A functional and challenging interval workout that works your whole body and guarantees a long lasting energy expenditure. With great intensity and fun, the variety and creativity will push you to your limits. Every workout is different, yet taught by the same trainer.

Invictus Boxing

Boxing is the ultimate full-body workout that develops coordination, strength, speed, reaction, endurance and mental toughness. In this workout you will mainly work with a partner on punch combinations and all the other movements involved in boxing.

Kettlebell Skills

This workout is all about one thing: the kettlebell. Endless possibilities and exercise variations guarantee a constantly varied but very focused workout. You learn to handle the kettlebell in small steps and slow movements before performing the movements with high intensity and many repetitions within a given workout. The scalability of the kettlebells makes this workout perfect for all levels.


Time to unleash your true strengths! Your physique and movement as a whole will give you the strength, speed and endurance you need. With a mix of street training and American football, this workout doesn’t follow a specific sequence of exercises, but focuses on you. With elements of agility and athleticism, it is tailored to your potential so you can break through your own limitations.


Motherhood is a full body workout from Mamaklub Zurich for young mothers and fathers, with or without their children. You can bring your babies to the gym and get fit together with other parents.

Pilates Fusion

Pilates is a unique method of stretching and strengthening that focuses on the core muscles (abdominals, lower back, pelvic floor). Starting from the core, a strong centre, healthy posture and improved body awareness are developed. Also ideal as a support for various sports, martial arts, functional training and yoga.


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want the proud posture of a dancer? Ale will make it possible for everyone – without a pole or pointe shoes. During the one hour session you will be immersed in a world that allows you to play the Black Swan. An intensive dance workout with a focus on muscle toning and stretching


SHIFT stands for Smart High Intensity Functional Training. It is a variable, carefully thought-out and structured workout that focuses on quality rather than quantity. It allows you to improve your strengths and weaknesses at the same time by working on your flexibility, posture, strength, balance, coordination and endurance – all set to some great 80’s and 90’s tunes.


Stabil is a workout that alternates between dynamic and static movements. Kader works in the sagittal, frontal and transverse body planes. Never heard of them? Airplanes in your belly? Don’t worry, Kader has a lot of experience in working with professional athletes, i.e. the level of most Balboa members.


Remember, you’re exercising, so stretch. Irina will help you to find more flexibility and to open up your body instead of contracting it all the time.


The squat and deadlift are two of the most complete total-body strength disciplines. In this class you will be encouraged to progress not only by safely mastering the technique, but also by building your strength between sessions. Stronger also includes additional upper body, core and leg exercises to create a well-rounded approach for anyone looking for a complete strength journey.


Superset training saves you a lot of time: Instead of pausing between sets, you go straight to the next exercise. Sounds exhausting – and it is. The rapid changes between exercises and the resulting increase in intensity mean that your metabolism is stimulated and your muscles receive a much greater training stimulus.


In this high intensity class, coach Maria will guide you through a special training system that focuses on quality of movement and intensity. This is followed by a workout complex that gradually builds in intensity, pushing you to your limits and making you sweat! If you enjoy clean movement and challenging your cardiovascular system, this is the class for you.


In this full body workout you’ll build strength and endurance. But since these cannot happen at the same time, we need to switch. Learn to develop the awareness to lift heavy loads and move your body for longer periods of time. Listen to your body, improve your posture and practice when to switch. This workout is ideal for all fitness levels, for runners and people who want to broaden their base of movement.


Twenty is a very varied, challenging and rewarding workout. You will do 20+ exercises – 1 set per exercise for 20 repetitions. Doing an exercise 20 times gives you enough time to get it right, play around with it and really challenge your performance. Because it is highly scalable, Twenty is the perfect workout for beginners and all other workout enthusiasts.

Yoga Motion

Tough with a twist – this is Yoga Motion. From a theme built up through individual exercises to a sequence, it is a strong, dynamic and intense vinyasa yoga with a recurring, surprisingly creative flow. You won’t just be sweating, your mind will be sweating too, and yet you’ll feel a certain ease.

Yutori Yoga

Yutori Yoga is a yoga class for all levels. The style can be described as a Vinyasa flow. The Japanese term Yutori means spaciousness or open space. This means that Ariane’s classes are meant to be a space for everyone, whether you can inhale deeply or not, whether you are crazy flexible or not, whether you are deeply relaxed or not, whether you know shawasana or not.


Zeitgeist is a workout created by Erich Züger, one of the founders of Balboa. It combines skill, strength and high intensity elements. Zeitgeist allows you to explore the physical and emotional state of your body. Feel your body in the now.