Alejandra Lindman

It’s pure love that Ale brought to us from Argentina to the dance stage over to Zurich. Super energetic, humorous and loving with a presence that simply blows you away. “At Balboa people are accepted the way they are and everyone is here for the same reason: to have fun and workout together.”

Andrea Nigg

Stimulating the circulation, endless sweating and body shaping – all elements that Andrea loves and passes on in her workouts. Starting off with personal training she found her way to Balboa where she enjoys the liberty of being able to “do her own thing” – and that’s what makes Andrea an individual and unique coach.

Andrew Monk

Andrew is a passionate, energetic and enthusiastic fitness professional with profound knowledge and many specialisations that come with 15 years experience. “I like to focus on overall health and wellbeing of everybody who comes to my training. Safe, effective, functional training and prevention of injuries are key to me.” Stay fit, Stay healthy, Be happy!

Ariane Uehlinger

Ariane teaches a Vinyasa style Yoga called Yutori. The Japanese term Yutori means spaciousness. In Ariane’s Yutori Yoga it’s all about space: a space for moving, a space for all Yoga levels, a social space of togetherness.

Brian Bachmann

Brian takes care of our online family (Instagram and TikTok). And he does that in about 400 languages and with the wittiness of a person who has lived a 1000 years. Besides studying law, he produces music (find his alter-ego papipasión on spotify) and works in seven other places we don’t even know where they are.

Erich Züger

“Everyone is the architect of his own fortune. Every morning’s glance at the mirror should satisfy yourself – not only because of the six-packs, but also because of the gut feeling.” This is not only Erich’s motto, but it also reflects his very own workout style: authentic, honest and customized. 

Et Lam

Sports helped the former refugee and versatile triathlete Et to digest and forget his distress. It also pushed him to become a coach. Whether it was tennis, gymnastics, ice-hockey, foot- or handball, swimming, cycling or running – Et worked his way up with a variety of interests, joy, endurance and a big heart.

Florencia Guarco

Florencia ist voller Energie und Power, die in jedem ihrer Workouts ausbrechen. Und sie überträgt diese Energie auf jede:n in ihrer Klasse. Florencia hat ihrem Workout den perfekten Namen gegeben: “Energía” – gleichzeitig ein Hinweis auf ihre argentinischen Wurzeln.

Florian Fleischmann

It was the inner thrive to discover something new that led Florian to Balboa. His elixir of life is to travel that introduced him to Capoeira, Surfing, Yoga and finally (and luckily) to us. The graphic designer and world traveller loves to share his passion with everyone in his own unique and ambitious way. Not only Yoga but Balboa is a movement “that is contagious with a healthy twist.”

Ian Holland-Coulton

To develop an understanding of “skill and capacity” is Ians Philosophy behind his coaching. A former Snowboard instructor that has worked worldwide from the Alps to the Rockies, Ian always tries to connect with people to get the most out of themselves. Balboa has something for everyone, it combines diversity with substance and is a complete break from the norm. “For me Balboa is a platform to share my creative passions as well as my sports science education, with a team and community that cares”.

Irina Shapoval

Irina Shapoval is from Ukraine. She is a professional dancer and fitness coach. She has a higher education in choreography and has 10 years of experience as a coach. Her directions are stretching, mobility & functional training.

Jana Heggli

Jana is that person who sees you before and after the workout. With her positive nature she will motivate you before and build you up again afterwards – if you need it. Whatever is bothering you, Jana is the right person to talk to. She knows everything about our subscriptions and services, as well as about dogs, in short: life. And besides that she also takes care of our locations and the whole Balboa Family.

Leandro Fornito

“My entire life I have spent with my body and that is the only thing I will always be together with.” It isn’t hard to guess why Leandro puts a special focus on his body. Not only during his workouts but also at the office table, in his daily routine or leisure time. To reach something unexpected and special with his body is his credo.

Léonie Küttel

Strong like Léonie. Léonie shows her strength not only during her training and in weightlifting competitions but also as an essential part of Balboa. You will see her and you want to follow her guidance.

Luke Wewege

Luke from Cape Town, South Africa, is a training nerd. And that’s what it takes to enhance strength training with biokinetic elements. Luke is mastering it – not least because of his enormous experience with athletes and rehabilitation.

Malick N'Diaye

Lively Malick quickly realised that movement is his body engine – without it and his must-have Sudden Rush Guarana Shot he only functions unwillingly, if at all. The skilled trainer loves the “crazy bunch” at Balboa – “people here think beyond just workouts and enjoy a beer here and there, too.”

Manuel Coimbra

From sports in exercise and health sciences studies to teaching sport lessons and personal training Manuel found his way to Balboa. Building up a training community and to burst anonymity are the key factors for him why Balboa makes a difference in the gym sphere.

Maria Pountou

Individual needs, the entire body and lots of laughter build an important trilogy in Maria’s everyday life. It’s not a great surprise that her lively character not only infected all Balboa coaches but also everyone in her class. An intensive, well grounded and playful yoga, a heavy workout to sweat (SWEAT), and a great portion of humour will await you.

Michael Bredy

Ever since the age of 8 Michael has wanted to dance. Whether old or new school hip hop, in NYC or Zurich, his aim has always been to be able to pass on his positive energy to other people and show them how sweating can be fun when combined with the right mix of coordination and dance. Balboa to him is a place of happiness, social togetherness and great energy. 

Mithuna Siva

Mithuna is kindness in person. If you ever wanted to meet somebody to welcome you somewhere in this world you want it to be her. You wouldn’t be surprised if you entered heaven after you have talked to Mithuna before one of our workouts (although they can be hellish…). In any case, prepare for her smile. Smile back if you are still able to, advance to heaven.

Nadine Schmidt

Having a calm soul, Nadine’s presence radiates a tranquil energy within our spaces. Her voice perfectly reflects her nature and allows you to focus inwards during her teaching, allowing you to go deeper.

Noah Giblin

As a performance coach and powerlifter originally from basketball, Noah has acquired a multi-faceted repertoire of training stimuli. Through his direct, but also emphatic manner, he gets the last repetition out of you, the very, very, very last.

Paco Savio

Limitless, creative, unusual – that’s Paco, our Creative Director and Co-Founder, whose passion and goal is to create a phantasy and transdisciplinary platform where people can go beyond doing sports expressing their cultural values. He loves to get his inspiration from happenings on the street: whether it’s through music, art, theatre, science, architecture or design; he loves mixing strings that normally don’t belong together. The more of a patchwork the more unique. “It’s all about pushing boundaries and killing the limits to become something different and swim against the current.”

Rahel Bertschinger

Rahel is a Crossfit Level 1 coach and is passionate about her work. Her favorite movement is the handstand. Rahel’s signature words are not mainly words but you will see her often with the “thumbs up”👍🏽. And this is how you are going to feel in her class: uplifted!

Sandy Hager

Making your passion to your profession – and bring along your son to the workouts. That’s how Sandra started her personal trainer career where she gained joy and passion in coaching and working out. Sandra likes it unconventional, free and extremely creative – one of many reasons why she joined Balboa.

Sarah Lisa Yous

“Happy, satisfied and with great overall feeling” that is how everyone should leave Sarah’s classes. In fact, that’s pretty simple because with her vital, open and helpful character you will be infected immediately. “Do something good for yourself during a workout and you’ll take away the Balboa energy easily.”

Severino Stohler

Movement is a passion that Severino lives at Balboa every day: “Despite the simplicity, Balboa offers a lot of creativity and establishes a moving encounter.” His primary focus lies in the individual development of body feeling and self-control – all of that in the very own world of Balboa.

Seyan Lam

Co-create, co-experience, co-train: as a Location Manager Seyan is responsible to look after the well- being of all Balboa members and coaches to ensure a smooth cooperation and interaction amongst everyone. Friendly, fresh and always with a professional mind-set he does everything to make people feel at home and leave Balboa with a smile.

Timo Klein

Reviving from a heavy sport accident Timo gained new strength and dedicated his life to training and health. As head coach and partner at Balboa his goal is to convey a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond the training as such – he wants to “create a consciousness that it takes more than just workout”.

Tom Novak

Tom plays Guinea Pig for each of his own trainings before he walks into a class and never does the same thing twice. With his endless patience and power he supports you to push yourself to your limits. For Tom, everyone who trains is a winner and part of the Balboa family because “only together we are strong”. He’s saving a piece of that strength for anyone.

Tommy Chang

“What goes around comes around” – that is how Tommy lives, trains and educates himself. In his workouts it’s all about turning the switch on and off. This is the most effective way to stimulate your body. He likes to pay attention to the individual and encourages everyone to join him for a trial session.

Triana Castro

Triana Castro, born in Mexico, worked all over the world as a diving coach before she landed in Switzerland in the Engadine, more precisely in Scuol. Now she is coming to Zurich to teach Pilates classes. The connection to her diving career can still be found in the name of her Pilates class: Deep Pilates. Deep.